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Providing teachers with the tools for children to learn and thrive.

Supporting literacy and more at Nsawam Prison in Ghana

Representatives from USACF and our colleagues The Mothers of Africa visited prisoners and libraries we support.

The Mothers of Africa, one of USACF’s partners in Ghana, donated three boxes of USACF’s library books to Ghana’s largest prison – Nsawam. The prison was thrilled with the donation and requested more. TMOA sent a second donation of 60 boxes of library books. Mark Grashow, USACF’s president, visited Nsawam Prison recently and was incredibly impressed. The prison has established three separate libraries on three separate floors; a beginner’s library, an intermediate library, and a library for advanced readers. Addressing over 100 inmates, Mark and a colleague from TMOA encouraged the men to commit to reading at least five pages a day. They were also encouraged to take advantage of the libraries and improve their reading skills for better employment once they were released. At the end of the meeting when asked “Who will read 5 pages a day?” every man raised his hand. Nsawam also has a computer lab with an IT person to manage it. USACF will work to establish a learning center there, expanding our Bridge Project using a RACHEL-plus hub and new tablets.