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School Presentations

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One of USACF’s primary goals is to raise the awareness of American students to the challenges of getting an education in Africa. USACF wants all American children to become part of the global community and can be agents of its change. To accomplish this, we need people invite us into their schools or listen to our video.

USACF has done presentations in more than 200 area schools. The presentations are both powerful and moving. There are four core goals to every presentation.

  1. Students will learn through discussion and a Powerpoint presentation the wonders and hardships of growing up in rural Africa.
  2. Students will develop a greater appreciation of all that is available to them in their own schools. They will understand that not every child in this world has a desk to sit at, a blackboard to learn from, or shoes to get them to school.
  3. Students will be empowered to help their African counterparts by bringing in their own books, toys, games, school supplies, clothing, sneakers and sports equipment.
  4. Most importantly, students will learn that they have a capacity to make a real difference in the world. If they want, they can change one life or 100 lives. We want students leaving a presentation to see themselves as super heroes. They now know that they have the power to touch other lives and change them by doing very simple things. They just have to decide the best way to help.

By the time students leave one of our presentations, they do not ask if they can help. They ask “How many things can I bring in?”

Presentations run a school period. USACF can do up to three presentations in a day. Presentations can be to a full auditorium, a few classes in a library, or just to students sitting on a rug in a classroom. 

Most schools will run a two-week collection drive after a presentation. They set up collection areas in the main entrance or in the cafeteria. Schools are asked to box donations. Like items should be boxed together. Children’s books are boxed with children’s books. Toys boxed with toys. Boxes should be sealed and labeled on the top. When the drive is done in the NYC area, USACF will come and pick up the donations.

Please let us know if your school is interested in a presentation or go to the media section of this website and view the School Presentation Video.