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Bridge Project

USACF’s Bridge Project targets the well-known “digital divide” problem: so many schools and students have limited or no access to the internet and therefore to the valuable educational resources online. New technology and very innovative work by our colleagues at the California NGO World Possible, enable us to “bridge” that...
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Quality Education in Africa

USACF supports the education of over 190,000 children in 400 schools in Zimbabwe, Ghana, and South Africa. Working with in-country partners, a top priority for USACF has been establishing lending libraries in schools and classrooms. Dramatic changes have been seen. Headmasters brag about a new culture of reading. Test scores...
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School Presentations

One of USACF’s primary goals is to raise the awareness of American students to the challenges of getting an education in Africa. USACF wants all American children to become part of the global community and can be agents of its change. To accomplish this, we need people invite us into...
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Sports Programs

Play can change children’s lives. It can be used to develop a child’s sense of well-being. It can be used to educate and empower children. It can be used to create an environment where teamwork and cooperation become part of a school’s morale fabric. USACF has worked hard to increase...
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Service Trips

Every July, USACF brings 15 volunteers to South Africa and Zimbabwe to see some of the wonders of Africa and to work for 5 days in some of their primary and secondary schools. Travelers get to view the magic of Victoria Falls, walk among lions and watch the sun set...
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Caring Carpenters

Andy Hughes first came to Zimbabwe in July of 2010 with a group of 15 USACF volunteers and promptly fell in love with the country and everyone in it. His original idea was to bring a few tools, buy some wood and repair some the broken desks scattered around empty...
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