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We were excited to visit Loziba Primary School, a typical rural area school outside of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Back in October, 2018 we had inaugurated a Bridge Project Learning Center at the school and had been inspired by the dedication of the school’s headmaster and lead teacher. In 2019 we chose Loziba as the site of our first “Build Day”  where the students took the lead in assembling 8 Bridge Pi’s.

We were pleased to see firsthand the students’ eagerness to learn and the school’s desire to improve their offerings and to work with us to bring access to educational technology to the area’s teachers and students. Also, we saw the need to provide the rest of the teaching staff more computer skills training.

One advantage of a Bridge Project Learning Center is that it can be “open” 24/7. The headmaster has put in extraordinary time and effort to give Loziba students access to the Bridge Pi’s library and instructional videos even on days when there is no formal instruction, giving motivated students a way to satisfy their curiosity and continue their learning.

Special thanks to Loziba’s wonderful principal Mr. Obed Msipha and our outstanding on-site champion, Ms. Siphiwe Ncube.