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US-Africa Children's Fellowship

WE WORK WITH communities in africa promoting teaching, learning, and skill development to help children and adults grow and thrive






The We Yone Learning Centre 

– under construction – July 10, 2022

About Us


Our programs provide support in some of the least resourced schools in Africa.

Team & Partners

For years US-ACF has been working to abolish poverty and illiteracy in Africa. Learn more about our team!

Our Story

A journey since 2003 between the US and Africa.

What we Do

Bridge Project

USACF's Digital Library / Media Center program brings digital books, math videos, instructional tools and more to resource deprived schools in rural Ghana, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Learning Center in Sierra Leone

The We Yone ("Our Own") Learning Centre - our most ambitious project yet!

Sports Programs

The international language of sports can remove barriers and develop a child's sense of well being. USACF has worked hard to increase sports programs in all of its partner countries.

Sister School Program

Like a "pen-pal", two schools, one from Africa and one from the US, are paired. Students and teachers make friendships and learn more about other countries, life-styles and more!

Service Trips

Every summer, USACF brings 15 volunteers to South Africa and Zimbabwe to see some of the wonders of Africa and work in a schools. Volunteers can teach a subject close to their heart, reorganize a library or fix a broken desk.

School Presentations

We help raise the awareness of American students to the challenges of getting an education in Africa. Our school presentations help children to become part of the global community and to be agents of its change.

Become a sister school!

Connect with us and make a real difference to the life of those in need.

Get Involved

Teachers, students or an entire school can participate in getting to know those in an African country, learn about their culture, exchange ideas and make friends.

Learn more about How it works

Are you a US based school that would like to engage with a "sister school" in an African country?

The Bridge Pi.

Bridge Project Spotlight

At the heart of each Bridge Project Learning Center is a “Bridge Pi” – a portable, low-cost, high quality, solar powered digital library. Each Bridge Pi device creates a wifi hotspot giving 30+ devices unlimited, free access to a wealth of materials saved on the Bridge Pi’s digital library. Any wifi enabled device (including tablets, PC’s, and phones) can connect in seconds.

So far we have helped
Students, Teachers
Digital Libraries

Keep In Touch

Stay up to date on our projects and impact – and learn how our work is evolving an making a difference. around the world.