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The U.S.-Africa Children’s Fellowship is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to improving the education of children in Africa while raising the awareness of American students. As of January, 2018 USACF has shipped 37 40-foot containers of supplies to more than 570 schools in Zimbabwe, Ghana, Tanzania, and South Africa. Each container is filled with library books, textbooks, school supplies, art supplies, clothing, sneakers, sports equipment, blackboards, toys, and other needed materials. USACF works hard to involve American students in its work. Through school presentations, American students learn about the difficult lives of their African counterparts and are empowered to take action. More recently, USACF has begun the “Bridge Project” that provides digital library resources to schools, helping the least resourced schools succeed. With the support of American children and friends, USACF is dramatically changing the educational environment and future of more than 410,000 children.

Some of USACF’s accomplishments

  • USACF has created or enhanced hundreds of libraries. For the first time, children can take books home to read.
  • Reading test results have improved. In one school, the pass rate increased from 0% to 35%. In another, the rate increased from 15% to 80%.
  • More students are qualifying for university admission. 
  • Children living far from their rural schools can walk to school on cold days because they now have shoes.
  • USACF’s “Caring Carpenters” program in Zimbabwe, working with teachers and community volunteers to repair broken school furniture, has  repaired over 10,000 units of school furniture. USACF also builds teacher wardrobes and paints classroom buildings.
  • Teacher morale in participating schools has dramatically increased. Teacher retention is high. Involvement with USACF generates new pride in local schools and a new sense of hope.
  • USACF has tripled the population of many kindergarten classes by supplying the classes with educational toys. Once the schools receive toys, class enrollment can jump from 20 students to 60 students.
  • In partnership with the One World Play Project, USACF has shipped more than 17,000 soccer balls to Zimbabwe, Ghana, and South Africa. Regional soccer tournaments are now being played annually in South Africa and Zimbabwe. USACF has shared hundreds of its soccer balls with schools outside the program.
  • USACF partnership with Super Soccer Stars has brough soccer coaches to Zimbabwe to run 8-day clinicss for students and teachers. Each of the 35 teachers participating in the clinic has the opportunity to be certified by ZiFA; the Zimbabwe Football Association. Once certified, the teachers go back to their schools and share what they learned with more than 15,000 children. 
  • American students give their own story books, toys, clothing, shoes, soccer balls, uniforms and school supplies for shipment to needy schools. Some school drives have yielded more than 100 boxes of donations.
  •  Whenever possible, USACF works with other NGOs to help children’s programs. USACF has helped other organizations ship useful materials to Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria. It recently shipped two complete dental stations to Zimbabwe.