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Digital Library at Imani House clinic in Liberia

Imani House’s first clinic was opened in Liberia in 1993 and was nothing more than a lean-to tent. Since then it has grown to become an actual brick and mortar facility and serves 14,000 women & children annually. The clinic offers prenatal care, childbirth, family planning services, wound care, treatment of malaria and other diseases, and more. Imani House also offers workshops on a range of topics including communicable diseases and their prevention. 

USACF has brought a “Bridge Pi” digital library to Imani’s clinic and has trained staff to access its content on Smartphones and to project materials onto one of the clinic’s walls. In addition to access to Imani House’s health manual, the Bridge Pi has made an enormous range of materials available to clinic staff and clients, including a medical encyclopedia and hundreds of free books, video tutorials, and more.