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Become a sister school!

Connect with us and make a real difference to the life of those in need.

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Teachers, students or an entire school can participate in getting to know those in an African country, learn about their culture, exchange ideas and make friends.

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Are you a US based school that would like to engage with a "sister school" in an African country?

Our goal is to establish the most meaningful contact between the sister schools. We want to bond the students and staff of each school in every way possible. The schools should embrace each other and care about each other. We want the schools to know each other’s histories, life stories and hopes and dreams.

A critical component of the sister school relationship is how the schools will communicate with each other. How do we establish viable links, knowing that many teachers in African schools cannot afford to pay for a mobile phone plan that includes email and internet access? Students will want to exchange autobiographies, photographs, pictures and stories. Can we find a way to set up a visual link between the schools so students could actually see and talk to each other?  

We enable the schools with the tools and processes for effective, on-going communications between teachers and students in each school.  The may include videos, photos, emails, texting and regular mail.  

Some day we hope that delegations of students, teachers and parents will visit each other. 

Please contact us for more information about how your school can get involved!